Saturday, December 20, 2008

Obamas leave for Xmas Holiday to Hawaii (pictures)

On holiday............

President-elect Barack Obama, sporting a baseball cap, boarded a chartered plane here on Saturday morning and headed to his native Hawaii for a 13-day Christmas vacation.

Mr. Obama, joined by his wife and two daughters, did not wave to the cameras as he ran up the steps to a United 767 plane. Several friends from Chicago also are spending the holidays with the Obama family in Hawaii, where they have rented beachfront houses in Kailua, but they are traveling separately.

A handful of reporters, staff and Secret Service agents were aboard the nine-hour flight for Honolulu.

For the record, it is cold as heck here in Chicago, some places had over 10 inches of snow fall, and The Obamas left from O'Hare Airport.

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