Wednesday, December 17, 2008

David Axelrod on morning joe about Rahm Emanuel, Blago speaks, etc. (Video and Transcript)

Joe Scarborough of morning joe has nothing else to talk about, so he has beelined his punditry on Obama and there "must be something, there, there".

There are two things going on, first the political aspect. The 24/7 media keeps pounding a dead horse, especially Joe Scarborough and his continual repeat of Obama running Blago's campaign. Joe Scarborough needs to get up off his fat duff and come to Chicago.

First off, Obama supported Roland Burris for the Democratic Primary in 2002. He ended up supporting the Democratic Candidate, Rod Blagojevich, as many other Democrats did. Joe Scarborough and his continual rant about this is ridiculous.


Barack Obama has never been close to Blagojevich, this has been documented repeatedly in the Chicago newspapers.

While the press continues to try to link Obama or anyone on his staff to illegal actions with Blagojevich, the legal aspect of this case is the second phase.

Obama's Team have completed the internal investigation of who has been talking to whom at the governor's office. Per request of US Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald, the report will be release next week.

We don't know who has done what in regards to Blagojevich. Obviously, Blagojevich feels confident that he can beat these allegations because he has not been officially charged with anything. So far, all we have is a criminal complaint with Blagojevich talking, not acting, but talking. Then we have Jesse Jackson, Jr. who is now a known informant and have been talking to the US Attorney's Office for at least two years about corruption.

So, right now Illinois politics is a bastion of confusion with corruption all over it. If there was anything against Obama, himself, which US Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald said there was not, believe me it would have been out there.

Blagojevich is a albatross that the Illinois Legislation is trying to remove, but it will be hard and it will take time. For many reasons and it is speculated that he is in financial trouble, Blagojevich is hanging onto this job. There is a reason the governor has a high powered attorney in Springfield, Illinois, he will not be removed.

This is a story that will defused, some, once the Obama Team release their internal report, while Obama is in Hawaii for the Christmas Holiday next week.

Lastly, I know that Obama and his team never thought that Washington, D.C. looks so good right now. With all this crap swirling around? D.C. looks better everyday.

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