Thursday, October 23, 2008

Obama Late Afternoon Break. Polls, Polls, Polls, and Obama on Columbian Lotto Tickets.

Barack in Leesburg, Virginia


Polls, Polls, Polls

The most shocking poll out today is from the Big Ten: Battleground.

This poll has Obama up huge.

The other poll is Quinnipiac for FL, OH, PA.

I am half optimistic and half pessimistic. I have to be with polling all over the place here.

First off, I believe Obama is ahead, period. But do I believe he is ahead by 10 points in Indiana? NO. Will he win Indiana? If he does, it will be a squeaker. Also, I do not believe Obama is ahead in Ohio by double digits. Are these polls reliable? Over all, to me, so-so.

Many polling organizations have different metrics on establishing, weighing the information. It is how the information is weighed to determine the percentage size and MOE (Margin of Error). More information on this is to my right under 538, Nate runs it down on his site.

The bottom line is this, don't get complacent and think or even believe that we "got this". Again, we don't have anything until the actual votes are counted. We must remain diligent, continue to work hard for the Obama Campaign to win on November 4th. Nothing should be taken for granted at this point. Again, NOTHING.

Continue to encourage and work the EGOTV (Early Get Out the Vote), continue to phone bank, and GOTV on November 4th. The only way to win the electoral college is to win the states, first.

Lastly, as Obama has said, "Remember, New Hampshire." Keep that in mind before we believe that we "got this."


Barack on Ellen


What If John McCain Loses?

I was struck by a newspaper banner headline this morning – "McCain lambastes the Bush years" – subhead: "We just let things get completely out of hand." The story says that in an interview with the newspaper's reporter, Sen. John McCain "lashed out at a litany of Bush policies and issues that he said he would have handled differently."

Well, you say, no wonder, the Arizona Republican is struggling to separate himself from President Bush in an effort to appeal to Independents. Yes, that certainly does appear to be what he ought to do, but the problem here is, the newspaper I'm quoting from is the Washington Times, a conservative paper which is read not by Independents, but by the Republican base, which isn't all that unhappy with Bush. continue


McCain moving money from "Kerry States" to defend "Bush States"

Many have wondered why McCain is wasting time and money in Iowa? Well, Iowa was a Bush state in 2004. McCain's path to 270 is narrow, which means he must win the Bush states.

I believe that McCain is moving, slashing resources to pour into Pennsylvania and to defend Florida and Ohio. Pennsylvania? Yes, he needs Pennsylvania to win because the toss up states are too many to defend. Virginia, North Carolina and Indiana were not toss up states in 2004, which means if Obama wins one of these, McCain must win the rest of the Bush states, plus Pennsylvania. While Obama's path is more broad, meaning he can lose Ohio and Florida and still win the White House.
In another sign that John McCain is on the defensive as time runs out, the McCain campaign is shifting its ad money out of blue tossup states and into red tossups and even traditionally red states, an analysis today by ad maven Evan Tracey finds.

McCain has dramatically slashed his ad spending in Wisconsin and New Hampshire and reduced it in Pennsylvania, suggesting that he's either losing hope or giving up hope in winning in three states that went for John Kerry in 2004, or that he doesn't have ample enough resources for them.

He's also reduced his spending in Colorado, which went for Bush but is showing a lead for Obama, suggesting he may be losing hope there, too. continue


Obama on the LOTTO TICKETS in Columbia!!!

No, Shyte!!

Barack Obama stands to win not only the White House -- according to recent US opinion polls -- but also the lottery in Mesa, Colombia, where his face now graces all the lottery tickets in the city.

"We picked Obama's portrait for our lottery because we're always looking for somebody people are raving about. He's ahead in (US) opinion polls and right now he's the most popular guy around here," Mesa Lottery manager Luis Enciso told AFP.

He said Democrat Obama's picture helped sell more lottery tickets.

"We'd never think of using John McCain," Enciso said referring to Obama's Republican rival in the November 4 US presidential election.

"McCain has the look of somebody who's standoffish, unpleasant and tiresome, a copy of (US President) George W. Bush. We'd never use him."



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Mellencamp in Indiana for Obama


Campaign Appearances
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Jill: New Smyrna, FL; Cocoa Beach, FL

Michelle: Columbus, OH

Joe: Martinsville, VA; Charleston, WV

Hillary: Aurora, CO


Hillary: Sunland Park, NM

Prayers to the Obama Family and for Grandma.

Opie and Andy Griffith for Obama

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