Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Obama in Tampa, Florida

Obama at Tampa Rally

Tampa Rally

Kissimmee, FL

Clinton fell short...

Hillary Clinton and Continuous Rant

Let's be clear here.

Clinton is attempting to compare the unseating of the Michigan and Florida delegates to epic American movements and struggles.

To compare this to slavery, women's suffrage is beyond the pale, it is quite appalling. This brings us back to her trying to minimize Dr. Martin Luther King's influence and involvement of the Civil Rights Act. Was it not for Dr. King standing up and putting his LIFE on the line, that Act would never have been signed. It not only took President Johnson to sign the Act, it took movement of people to make him DO IT.

The only movement and struggle Clinton is having is lack and focus of her campaign. Remember, it is she who made the decisions that have gotten her to this point. She has lost on every metric to attain this nomination and now we are seeing a Hail Mary pass that is just pathetic.

Hillary and Bill Clinton felt and still do that this nomination is theirs, that they are ENTITLED. This rationale from them has not stopped.

It is time for the superdelegates to have a spine and backbone and end this. The longer she stays in this race, spewing and continuing to make crazy, non-sensical accusations, the longer it will be for the Democratic Party to come together as one.

Right now, Hillary Clinton is the proverbial, hot mess.