Friday, May 23, 2008

Keith Olbermann's Special Comment on Hillary Clinton's RFK Assassination Remarks

keith's special comment

jonathan alter analysis with keith

professor douglas brinkley analysis with keith

howard fineman analysis with keith


Anonymous said...

Thank you Keith for being yourself.

Thank you Keith for personifying the articulated hope, aspirations, and faith in the True America of nobility and openness to progress.

Thank you Keith for voicing the compassionate deep-rooted respect for a fellow human being and opposing the seemingly limitless tyranny of the selfishness of little-minded people and those who are devoid of heart that cares unreservedly for the equanimity of human potential to be acualized and those who oppose the human-spirit seeking to soar freely to discover and experience its boundlessness and to accentuate collective harmony with diversity.

Thank you Keith for your "Special Comment of May 23, 2008 on Hillary Clinton's reference to RFK Assassination"

With warm regards and respect,
:)Arun Vaidya
May 24, 2008

Die Profundis said...

Well said - what had to be said

True but she will play the offended
Obamas people have caused the touble - she is the victim AGAIN.
The media esp Chris & Ken hate and persecute her.trying for winning by whining.

No believable apology to anyone. She doesnt want anyone assassinated to celebrate the June 40th anniversary of RFK assassination. Of course if it would happen she would rush to be first to pick up the mantle.

In vino veritas - exaustion or drink brings out the real person. Look at her and seeher listen to her and hear her . A dark empty soul

If we forgive her AGAIN then it is we who must be fogiven - and we will deserve what/who we get.

Leave the stage - We deserve better