Sunday, September 9, 2012

The real question is how big of a bounce will Obama get after the DNC Convention?

Although the job numbers were not great, 96K created, with the unemployment number ticking downward to 8.1% it still indicates that the economy is anemic. It also indicates that the general public has gotten used to the economy trekking slowly along and though the economy is the number one issue, it is turning out to be not the only issue with voters.

The conventional wisdom was that Friday's jobs report was suppose to stomp all over the President's speech and/or the whole tenure of the Democratic Convention. That is not happening.

On Friday, we began to see reasonably clear signs that President Obama would receive some kind of bounce in the polls from the Democratic convention.

Mr. Obama had another strong day in the polls on Saturday, making further gains in each of four national tracking polls. The question now is not whether Mr. Obama will get a bounce in the polls, but how substantial it will be.
While everyone is in agreement that the economy is still very anemic, the American Public also has witnessed a vitriolic congress who has been unwilling to work to move this country forward. Mitt Romney have not helped his cause of why he should capture the White House and his Republican congress has not helped their cause as to why they should retain power in congress.

Plainly, Mitt Romney is not a strong candidate. The public has heard every flip flop from him and the dogging tax issue remains a question and mystery to many Americans. Clearly, there is a trust issue when you look at Mitt Romney. The Congressional Republicans have not helped their cause either. The continuous lack of clear leadership opened up a can of worms when their celebrity kingpin, Rush Limbaugh went after Sandra Fluke when she spoke up on behalf of women's reproductive issues. The tepid response from GOP leaders have lit an angry fire for women. Along with the Rick Santorum talk about banning birth control have led women further away from the GOP. Then let us not forget the words of Congressman Todd Akin (R-MO) who is the Republican Senate Candidate. He really said that legitimate rape victims bodies can shut down pregnancies. Legitimate? That alone has made millions of women question these crazy MEN in the Republican Party and their judgment on the concern of women's health.

Add all this in with the spectacular diverse presentation of the Democratic Convention, the public is viewing Romney and the Republicans, less and less. When you run towards the crazy rhetoric of the far right, which Romney has embraced, you will continue to exclude the very voters you need. Women, minorities, LGBT communities, students it is these very groups that the Republican Party has went after with disdain and it is these groups that will turn the Republican Party away, along with Mitt Romney in November.

Lastly, will the bump hold? Who knows, but with President Obama extending his lead and there is less than 60 days to the ballot box, this can not be good news for Mitt Romney.