Thursday, July 22, 2010

Shirley Sherrod wants a talk with Barack Obama

First off, she does not want an apology, she wants a conversation.

She deserves it. If you know anything about the Civil Rights Movement, you will know the name, "Sherrod" is legacy in the South. Which is a travesty on the failure of the NAACP and the Obama White House. And a note, when the NAACP found out about Shirley Sherrod and found the WHOLE VIDEO they were quick to apologize and hit the news waves. For that, I am appreciative but their initial reaction to a far right wing blogger, Andrew Breitbart should have been a light bulb for ALL parties involved.

Next, the white farmers who came to Sherrod's defense shut this story down from the FOX perspective, put egg on USDA's face and made the Obama Administration look totally ineffective.

I don't blame Sherrod for not wanting to take a job from the Obama Administration, in fact I hope she sue all parties involved and she does have a valid law suit. As we see Braitbart is starting to change his story and FOX NEWS is now taking a totally different attack on this story.

Lastly, The White House has massive explaining to do, not to us, but to HER. And Barack Obama, step it up because you and your team look like colossal jackasses right now.

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