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What the hell is the Obama White House doing?

Yes, what the hell are they doing?

This stance on cutting deficits will wipe us out, totally in November.


This country wants the government to SPEND MONEY FOR JOB CREATION, but the Obama White House is on the side of Republicans for cuts.

This is totally, fucking, STUPID amidst 9.5% unemployment and close to 20% underemployment. I mean fucking stupid.

All this cutting will throw policemen, firemen, teachers, in the pile of unemployment.

All this cutting will blow the unemployment numbers up even more.

All this cutting will double and triple classrooms across this country, along with massive school closings. These cuts should anger ALL AMERICANS across this country for schools.

Look, it is nice that Washington, D.C. is full of rich ass people, yes, RICH ASS PEOPLE. They are so far removed from what is happening out here that they don't get it. The Obama White House is starting to look like that.

It is very dangerous to keep very mum while millions of Americans checks are being revoked due to fucking games being played in Washington, D.C. It is even more dangerous to try to frame the unemployed Americans as lazy bums or "Welfare Kings or Queens". Many of these folks have worked ALL THEIR LIVES and have lost or are losing everything that is equal to the American Dream. Playing around with this is a political bomb that the Democrats need to be in front of. And I mean 24/7.

Also, being bold means bringing plans, ideas to get this country BACK TO WORK. Even if it means SPENDING. If you have a solid idea that can get this country back to work, the American Public will stand with you. They will not stand with you if you are perceived as not knowing what the hell to do about it. It also does not mean to play into the Republican meme of cutting the deficits. Not when this country is sinking into the abyss.

Want to cut something that will bring big time revenue? What about that fucking defense budget? What about getting out of Iraq and Afghanistan? What about that? What about nation building HERE in this country instead of in Afghanistan and Iraq? What about plugging the corporate loop holes for companies off shore? We are arguing over keeping teachers and first responders who are NEEDED in this country, but just let that defense budget continue to bloat. But cutting money to educate our kids, our future leaders is just OK.

We need to stop this shit.

As long as folks are not working, as long as the the unemployment roll continues to rise, as long as this White House is acting clueless on what to do about it, we lose in November. ****And if the Obama White House has a massive program to get folks back to work, SHARE IT, I have not seen or HEARD IT. Just putting that out there....****

Barack Obama needs new advisers and a new White House. The ones he has now are unimpressive and clueless as to what is going on out here. If the Democrats lose massive in November, expect messaging and communication to be key here. This White House is the worst White House for making sure the public understands what they have accomplished, because many believe they have not done ANYTHING. How is that? The right track/wrong track numbers. This is about the public not understanding what this White House has done and that is an Obama White House problem.

Finally, the deficit is #4 of what Americans care about, behind the economy/jobs, oil spill and health care. That should tell the Democrats something, but it seems they are just ignoring this.

From The Dylan Ratigan Show:

President Obama touting his economic policies, which is all nice, but what about talking about JOB CREATION IN THIS COUNTRY:

Update [2010-7-7 17:56:28 by icebergslim]:

Usual suspects are angered and good. Let it ALL OUT. We all should be angry because November can be a slaughter house. We don't have the juice, excitement on our side. If we lose massively, the question is this, "Why?" And many can write a book on that one.

Update [2010-7-7 20:16:17 by icebergslim]:

To be clear, in case you forgot or did not know, President Obama asked congress for 50 billion dollars for the states to save the SAME JOBS he saved last year from the stimulus bill. If President Obama had 50 billion lying around, he surely would have sent it to the states from the stimulus package, but he does not. The Republicans are stating to get it from the stimulus money and asking for more money in their eyes is a second stimulus.

President Obama urged reluctant lawmakers Saturday to quickly approve nearly $50 billion in emergency aid to state and local governments, saying the money is needed to avoid "massive layoffs of teachers, police and firefighters" and to support the still-fragile economic recovery.

In a letter to congressional leaders, Obama defended last year's huge economic stimulus package, saying it helped break the economy's free fall, but argued that more spending is urgent and unavoidable. "We must take these emergency measures," he wrote in an appeal aimed primarily at members of his own party.

The letter comes as rising concern about the national debt is undermining congressional support for additional spending to bolster the economy. Many economists say more spending could help bring down persistently high unemployment, but with Republicans making an issue of the record deficits run up during the recession, many Democratic lawmakers are eager to turn off the stimulus tap.

Since D.C. is all about "deficits" does anyone believe that congress will actually save all these jobs? The only jobs congress cares about is their own, certainly not ours.

Update [2010-7-7 22:5:8 by icebergslim]:

Arguing about points in the diary is warranted and wanted, but personal attacks as some are doing do nothing but discredit you. Don't like what was written, you write a diary explaining, the Obama Administration's JOBS PROGRAM. We all are waiting, along with millions who need a job, but as long as we continue to see this administration kowtow another point AGAIN, this time for the deficit in one of the worse recessions if not DEPRESSIONS ever, then they deserve to be criticized.

Update [2010-7-7 22:56:5 by icebergslim]:

Final update and h/t to divineorder on this administration's mixed messages:
During the recent G20 in Toronto, more mixed messages emerged, with our President encouraging member nations to spend more to prop up their failing economies while his administration seeks to gut Social Security and Medicare at home. Europe is also cutting back on public programs, hitting the most vulnerable. The major world economies, including us, need to pump money into jobs, new technologies, infrastructure and manufacturing to increase revenues, not cut services. Instead, the G20 ended on a down note, with little accomplished and governments throughout the world agreeing to shirk their responsibilities to their citizens all at once by withdrawing stimulus.

How encouraging.....while we have congress just press the mute button on the jobless....
An international economic organization criticized the U.S. Congress on Wednesday for allowing extended unemployment benefits to lapse at the end of May, a move that thus far has denied more than 2 million Americans a critical lifeline during the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression.

In its report on the global employment outlook, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development noted that a "particularly worrisome feature" of America's deep recession is the high number of workers who have been unemployed for more than six months.

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