Tuesday, June 15, 2010

sigh, he did not say anything.

I know everyone many in this community are split.

Those Some believe everything Obama says is gold and those some that criticize him for being lackluster.

But tonight. I expected some specifics, I wanted a WIN, but got an inspiring, la-de-da speech.

Nothing of specifics.

Now if I missed the absolute specifics, then clue me in.

This speech did not go into specifics of anything.

And if anyone wants to know what someone looks like in the bubble, we saw it tonight. I mean, damn, he did not say anything!!! I did not expect everything but some specifics on SOMETHING!!!

Yes, we heard a third party to process claims in the Gulf. But how much will BP give to the Gulf Escrow Fund? And notice, he did not use the word ESCROW!!! And we still don't know about how MUCH FROM BP.

Yes, he gave a time line of what his administration DID, but who cares about that!!!

And yes, he told us we need to get off fossil fuels. We heard that speech before, but HOW. He did not even say he was going to get on CONGRESS for letting an energy bill just sit there for months!!

I pray to God, that what is happening in the background is worth it for this country in the end, because what I just listened to was nothing.

He said nothing.

If Keith Olbermann, rips Barack Obama, you know he doesn't get it. Words will not save him, not after this. Until his behavior changes, until some asses get kicked out of the White House, he still won't get it.

Oh, one thing he did state that a new person to take over MMS, while praising the lame and sorry, Ken Salazar. Oh another thing, from the scroll bar on MSNBC and CNN the new oil flow rate, changed how many times? It is now 65,000 barrels a day. WHOOT!!!! Damn we went from 1,000 barrels a day for weeks to 5,000 barrels a day for other weeks to snatch a number out of my ass to finally a real estimate!!! I am so excited!!!

Barack Obama squandered time for his Oval Office speech for what? Nothing.

I will put the video up when it is available and I am sure that will be soon.

Update [2010-6-15 21:4:58 by icebergslim]:

Now Rachel going after him and that speech, nicely. sigh.

Update [2010-6-15 21:4:58 by icebergslim]:

Here is the video:


Keith Olbermann:

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