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The Gulf Coast, its beaches, life is just a hot mess

I wrote a diary last week about Pensacola, Florida beaches smelling like a gas station, well on Hardball today Chris Matthews asked MSNBC's Science and Environment Expert, Jeff Corwin does it smell like that? Corwin replied, " smells like a gas station...."


Hurricane Alex is wrecking havoc winds and surge in the Gulf. Alex is now poised at category 2 and dumping all that oil from the gulf onto Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida.

In the above report a couple of things are thrown out, first, the government is saying the dispersant is less toxic than oil. Remember, more than 1.47M gallons of this dispersant has been dumped in the Gulf of Mexico. I am here to say, I don't believe that, look at all the dead marine life on the gulf shores daily and how was this conclusion (WITH TESTING) determined. Also, notice how the loop current is now being mentioned and the possible affects. My question is this, "When will the government, BP, NOAA, all powers that be tell the public that after all this time, of course the oil is in the loop current?" I state this because, how can it not be? This oil is pumping non-stop and is a horrific sight to see. If this oil gets to the Tampa/St. Pete area, of course it is in the loop current. And experts state it IS in the loop current:

Some oil from the Gulf of Mexico spill is "increasingly likely" to be dragged into a strong current that hugs Florida's coasts, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) officials said today.

But other experts say that the oil is already there—satellite images show oil caught up in one of the eddies, or powerful whorls, attached to the Loop Current, a high-speed stream that pulses north into the Gulf of Mexico and travels in a clockwise pattern toward Florida.

Now the oil spill and its damage on families in the Gulf Coast:

What can you or I say about that....sigh....

And these beaches, with the faux perception that it is OK to go and get in the water? Read what the CDC says, especially for pregnant women:
Swimming in water affected by the oil spill will be unpleasant and could cause harm. For now, pregnant women should avoid zones where there are reports of oil reaching the shore. It is important to stay away from any oil that reaches the shore because coming into close contact with the oil for long periods of time could cause harm. Avoid touching any of the oil you find, as well as oil-stained water and sand. If some of the oil gets on your skin, wash it off as soon as you can with soap and water. If you notice rashes or dark sticky spots on your skin even after you’ve washed the area of skin that came in contact with the oil, consult your doctor or other health care professional.

I ask that you all read what CDC says about this oil from the link provided, including the possibility that you may need a N95 respirator to combat the smell. And for children? I bring this back up because of that video in my previous diary that showed kids just frolicking through the oil in sand and oily water, well, read this from The American Academy of Pediatrics:
Oil is a complex mixture of chemicals and metals that can be toxic depending upon the amount and duration of exposure and the susceptibility of the exposed person. Children are especially vulnerable to the toxic effects of certain substances due to factors like higher respiratory and metabolic rates and systems that are still developing, like the nervous system. Because some agents are heavier than air, they accumulate close to the ground, right in the breathing zone of children. Some agents can also be absorbed through a child’s skin. Children are in a critical period of development when toxic exposures can have profound negative effects, and their exploratory behavior often places them in direct contact with materials that adults would avoid.

After reading that, why would any parent take their children to any of these toxic gulf coast beaches. YES, TOXIC!!!

And from Keith Olbermann:

and John Wathen documents this devastation and states it is worse than BP has told us...YOU MUST LISTEN TO HIM.....and bookmark his website......

I pray for the people in the Gulf Coast. My father lives in Pensacola and the community is angry, overwhelmed and desperate. While all this is going on parents need to be responsible and put their families first in safety, which means stay away from the Gulf Coast Beaches, period.

Finally, all of these horror stories will continue for weeks, months and years to come. The next step after the well is capped is what will BP really do. After all this time, trust is not an option with this company. Why ask? Because everyone here KNOWS 20B is not enough to clean all this up, make folks whole, bring the Gulf back next year. It is just not. But for right now, pray that the damage from Hurricane Alex will not be as bad as anticipated.

The floor is now open....

Update [2010-6-30 21:48:16 by icebergslim]:

Great pictures, up close by jeff in nyc on Pensacola Beach

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