Monday, April 26, 2010

President Obama asks voters to comeback or continue to VOTE Democrat (Video)

If you think that people are not angry out here, they are. Many are angry about Obama selling out the public option and we KNOW HE DID, handling of torture, the weak financial regulatory coming, DADT, immigration reform and NO CREATION OF JOBS.

Barack Obama never understood that many people, many first time voters worked their asses off to work to get him in office. The anger out here is real, not fake real. I am not talking about teabaggers, they would never vote Obama period, I am talking young folk, African Americans, Latinos, Independents.

Many feel he has not fought for them and has just negotiate everything away. For the Democrats to think they don't have a problem, think again. You do. The poll numbers says it all and not one poll, just look at

And to ASK people to come back, says it all. As I have written, Democrats who vote will vote, it is all the other people that put Democrats in office those are the ones you NEED TO VOTE.

Remember, the one with the juice, excitement is usually the one who wins.


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