Thursday, October 1, 2009

Obama Administration to ban texting by truckers and school bus drivers

I mean, you are driving a big rig or have a bus load of school children and you got to take your eyes off the road to text??? YES, BAN IT IMMEDIATELY. These drivers are hazardous on the road!!

The Obama administration said Thursday it will seek to ban text messaging by interstate bus drivers and truckers and push states to pass their own laws against driving cars while distracted.

Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood said the administration also would move to put restrictions on cell phone use by rail operators, truck drivers and interstate bus drivers.

"Driving while distracted should just feel wrong — just as driving without a seat belt or driving while intoxicated," LaHood said at the end of a two-day conference on the problem. "We're not going to break everyone of their bad habits — but we are going to raise awareness and sharpen the consequences." read it here...

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