Sunday, July 26, 2009

Republican votes are NOT NEEDED to pass health care reform

I don't know why these Senate Democrats continue to hide behind this bogus argument.

Republican votes are NOT NEEDED to pass solid health care reform. Not when you have 60 Democratic senators in the senate. Forget about whether these individuals are liberal or conservative, they are democrats and the count is 60.

What IS NEEDED is some damn balls and guts on the part of the Democrats in the senate.

Senator Kent Conrad went on This Week with George Stephanopoulous, ABC, and stated that Republican votes are needed to pass health care legislation, when this is a lie. Conrad is the senator that is in congress pushing for a "co-op" plan to replace the "public option". Conrad clearly is not the choice or voice to deliver the strong Obama White House message for health care, not when he is constantly trying to placate the Republicans.

Democrat Kent Conrad, a key player in bipartisan Senate Finance Committee negotiations on healthcare, refused to predict whether the panel will be able to produce a bill before the Senate breaks for a month long recess on August 7.

"There are not the votes for Democrats to do this just on our side of the aisle. It is not possible and perhaps not desirable either," Conrad said on ABC's "This Week."

"We're going to finish when we're finished. We're going to do everything we can to get it right," he said. "We'll be ready when we're ready."

What I don't get nor understand in this political bubble, and take away the lobbyists, is the whimpy and weak attitudes of the Democrats in the senate. Again, take away the lobbyists influence, the Democrats run the town or supposedly but behave and act like second graders who must raise their hands for a rest room break. If my mind is current, which it is, when the Republicans ran the town did we hear anything of bi-partisanship? Did the Democrats voice or message mean anything during the Bush/Cheney regime? The answer is, "Democrats did not mean shit during the Bush hay day and were relegated to NOTHING."

I appreciate the tone of the Obama Administration in trying to be conciliatory and NICE to the Republicans, but in the end it netted them very little in support and votes. This continued notion that Republicans are needed to pass health care legislation is a red herring for those Democrats to hide behind the real issue of being afraid.

Yes, Democrats are afraid to pass health care legislation. They are afraid of ruffling feathers and afraid of all the money that many of them have accepted from lobbyists in the insurance and health care industry. Instead of doing the right thing, they will continue to hide behind the "we need Republican votes" as a continued excuse to bog or slow down any legislation.

After reading the diaries by teacherken and The Bag of Health and Politics every single Democrat in the senate should be rushing, pounding, fighting for affordable health care in this country to every American. Instead we have the continued politics of all about me and how I can continue to look like I am doing something, when I am not doing shit, continuing in the senate.

Lastly, I understand the difference between a liberal, conservative. I understand that within our own party. What I don't understand, in the end if the Democrats torpedo or shoot their own foot, don't they understand that they are the liability in 2010 and not the Republicans?

The wheels of the status quo Americans fall into a deeper hole of the uninsured....

Senate Democrats. Pathetic.

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