Monday, July 6, 2009

Mika Brzezinski get real about Sarah Palin (Video)

Let's be real here. When Sarah Palin was announced the VP pick for John McCain many were curious, especially women. What happened is that once the vetting commenced, her view points came out and her lack of knowledge on the issues was exposed, Americans said NO TO PALIN.

Yes, Palin has her hard core followers, but it does not EXPAND outside the Republican base. Mika, you of all people should KNOW that you can not win national elections with those numbers. And Palin's numbers across the board are dismal to the public.

Thank you Willie Geist for giving Ms. Brzezinski an almost rolleye and to REMIND her that there are real Americans in NYC and other cities and suburbs outside of these cities. We have the same challenges as the so-called other REAL AMERICANS that the media continues to try and divide.

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