Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Soon-to-be-Senator Al Franken is hiring staff

Good news. Because when this mess is over, he is the junior senator from Minnesota. Last hurdle the Minnesota Supreme Court and a note, Franken has won all challenges thus far and is still leading with a 300+ vote count over Norm Coleman.

Senator-elect Al Franken today announced that Drew Littman, a longtime Capitol Hill veteran, has agreed to serve as his Washington-based chief of staff.

Littman, who has advised many Senators-elect, including Franken, on the transition process, was most recently the head of his own consulting practice, Littman Associates, and an adjunct professor at American University. He began his career on Capitol Hill twenty years ago as a policy aide for then-Rep. Barbara Boxer, and has since served as a subcommittee staff director and a Senate Policy Director.

Al Franken:

"With Drew leading our team, I know that my office will be able to uphold the Minnesota tradition of excellent and responsive constituent service. With his years of experience and his expertise in helping new Senators hit the ground running, Drew has become a trusted advisor and a valuable resource as I prepare to take office. I will continue to count on him as I work with Senators from both parties and the rest of our state's fantastic delegation to serve the people of Minnesota, make progress on President Obama's agenda, and move our country forward."

Coleman has left a very sour taste with Minnesotans, he has lost, won't concede and quite frankly is just an embarrassment.


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