Friday, March 6, 2009

FLOTUS, Michelle Obama serves up lunch (Video, Pictures)

FLOTUS serves lunch at Miriams's Kitchen.

Obama went to Miriam's Kitchen yesterday, where she served about 50 homeless men and women. She stood at the end of a serving line and dished up risotto with mushrooms. She smiled. Asked how people were doing. Asked them what they would like. They smiled. Told her sure they would like the risotto, then moved down the line to get steamed broccoli, homemade apple-carrot muffins, wheat rolls and salad, made with fruit donated by the first lady's office.

Every weekday, rain or shine, Miriam's Kitchen, at 24th and G streets NW, serves breakfast to chronically homeless people, whom staff and volunteers refer to as "guests." Last year, Miriam's served 55,272 meals to more than 4,000 guests, a clientele that is overwhelmingly male, mostly African American and full of veterans.

Today, the guests were told to come in for a special lunch. That the chef was going to be making a special meal.


"It's unbelievable for our guests that the first lady will be here," Roccanti said. "It reaffirms the notion they matter. That people care about them. For the most part, people ignore them. But today, arguably the most popular person in America is coming and shaking their hands. We tell them every day how much they matter. But coming from the first lady of the United States, that is a powerful statement."


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