Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Michelle Obama and her BARE ARMS

I saw this bit on the msnbc site about Michelle Obama and her bare arms.

It reminded me of when Michelle had her arms bare in California, during the primaries before Super Tuesday, when she was with Oprah, Stevie Wonder and Maria Shriver. A friend of mine's said that she will eventually have to stop baring her arms and I wondered, "WHY?"

Michelle Obama is fit, one of the few fit (as in athletically) First Ladies we have had in this country. It is obvious that she not only works out but lifts weights. Look at her arms, shoulders and back. That is lifting baby!!! I should know, I lift and the only way I got my shoulders and arms cut was from lifting. Nothing wrong with it. In fact, it will keep a woman's bone density solid and if you are trying to lose weight, will tighten it up faster with cardio and proper diet.

Michelle Obama is not like the rest of the former First Ladies. She is a young woman with young children, she is not Laura Bush. Michelle baring arms, wearing bold colors is all about confidence. If you got it, show it, and she does with taste and class.

Lastly, I am glad that Michelle Obama has her sights on nutrition and will start talking about healthy diet and living from the White House. This is all part of the package. Healthy living includes exercise and the proper diet.
Whether or not you agree with her right to bare arms, can you say she looked inappropriate? Uncomfortable? Vulgar? She didn't need any flashy baubles or shocking color to stand out; her rich deep purple looked regal. Michelle looked fresh and age appropriate. She came across chic, sleek, modern, poised, confident and vibrant. After all, if we've been able to get past wearing white after Labor Day, maybe it's time to embrace exposed arms (even in Washington)?

While dress codes may be a factor at times, most women opt to cover up out of self-consciousness. The fact that Michelle is confident and comfortable showing off a part of the body that many women loathe to expose (especially after our twenties), may in fact be inspiring. In modern times when we are dealing with headlines about obesity epidemics to anorexic models on the runway -- a first lady who is fit, healthy, active and takes pride in working out should be a role model.

Ladies, weight lifting is good for you. And right now I am into kettlebells, one of the quickest ways to get fit. Try it.

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