Wednesday, November 19, 2008

My take on the retention of Joe Lieberman

The blogosphere is on fire about Joe Lieberman.

He survived his coveted Homeland Security Committee Chairmanship, though his lack of loyalty to the Democratic Party was crapped all over.

I saw the writing on the wall last week and just decided, "oh well."

I understand Obama's bipartisan approach, but I disagree with Obama jumping into how Lieberman should have been reprimanded.

This should have been left up to Senator Harry Reid and the Democratic Senate Caucus, from all indications early on Reid was for removing Lieberman from the HSC Chairmanship. Not only Reid, but Senators Schumer and Durbin chimed in along with others, too.

The blogosphere is now angry at Harry Reid. Understood, but it was Obama who said that Lieberman should remain in the caucus.

There is one word that is in my vocabulary, it is "loyalty."

I could care less if Lieberman did not endorse Obama. There were many congressmen/women, Democrats, who did not endorse Obama for whatever reason. What I did expect from Joe Lieberman was silence.

Joe Lieberman is the worst example of what a senator should be. He is totally selfish, was angry at his Democratic colleagues for not campaigning for him after he lost the Democratic Primary in 2006, and took it out on them in 2008.

I am not going to list all the things Joe Lieberman said against Barack Obama for 2008, it is plenty, but I am going to question loyalty.

Loyalty for me is both sides of the sword. Lieberman's lack of loyalty and the Democratic Party's insistence of loyalty.

Joe Lieberman could have stayed in the Democratic Caucus, no one asked him not to, but rewarding of bad behavior is not the best way to do things. We don't know how Lieberman will be down the road. Some are believing that he is beholden to Barack Obama, but I say he is not.

He just proved that any politician can be rolled. Instead of Leader Reid taking care of Lieberman, he is rewarded to continue his behavior, give meaningless platitudes, and promise nothing for or to the Democrats.

I don't know how this will end, but there is nothing comforting with Lieberman hanging around. See, if Lieberman can do this, why not anyone else? When another senator gets angry, frustrated why not he or she too perform a Lieberman?

It would make perfect sense to do a "Lieberman". Gee whiz, who is going to reprimand anyone, who is going to ask about loyalty, certainly not the Democratic Party.

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