Saturday, September 20, 2008

Obama hits 50% in Gallup Tracking Poll, Post Convention.

Obama leads 50-44% over McCain.

Most resoundingly the economy and the financial crisis from Wall Street to Main Street are heavy on folks minds.

A couple of things for this tread.

First, the continuous McCain/Palin lies from its campaign and being caught blatantly on tv and print, the continuation of repeating these falsehoods are making many Americans question John McCain, Mr. Straight Talk.

The crumbling of Palin. After viewing the Charlie Gibson interviews, my conclusion is that Palin is an "empty skirt/dress". She came across as totally scripted, not in charge of the issues, did she even understand the issues and just CLUELESS. That Bush Doctrine question, killed her. Sure, the public may not know, but Palin SHOULD KNOW. That is the point. The American people's fascination of Palin is over.

The words that killed McCain on Monday, "the fundamentals of our economy are strong." KILLED HIM. How can anyone even THINK the economy is fundamentally sound when we, yes the taxpayers, have to bail out Wall Street, the banking industry, because of their irresponsibility with our money? And this is McCain, King of deregulation? No, the economy STINKS now and and that speak of McCain just may keep him out of the White House.

Folks are waking up. They don't care about the politics of personalities, they care about the politics of issues.

This is reflecting in the Gallup Poll and the Daily Kos/Research 2000 poll which have Obama 50% and moving.

Obama has held at least a small margin over McCain in each of the last four daily reports, generally coincident with the start of the Wall Street financial meltdown that began to dominate the news on Monday this past week. Separate Gallup consumer confidence tracking has shown that Americans' views of the economy deteriorated as the week progressed, and that Americans also began to express increased personal worry about their own finances. There is thus a reasonable inference that Obama's gains may, in part, be related to the way in which the public viewed his and McCain's response to the financial crisis. Friday's economic news was a bit more positive, with the announcement of a pending major U.S. government bailout for the country's economy, and the second day of significant increases in the Dow Jones Industrial Average and other stock market indices. It remains to be seen if this will affect Obama's lead in the days ahead.

Again, this is a tracking poll but one I am pointing out as POST-CONVENTION bumps and one treading in a positive upward swing for Obama.

Daily Kos-Research 2000 poll here.

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