Thursday, August 6, 2009

Teabaggers or Angry Mob at Arkansas town hall meeting of Congressmen Ross and Snyder (Video)

The teabag beat goes on.....

"At this point in my life, I have never seen my America turned into what it has turned into, and I want my America back," said one woman, on the verge of tears. "And I don't think the Representatives and Senators are gonna be able to do it. I'm scared!"

When Snyder said, "Mike and I do not support a single-payer system, we are not interested in a single-payer system," people began yelling back things like, "That's bull," and "That's what Obama wants." Ross put his head in his hands during the heckling.

And for the record, Obama never campaigned for single payer, yet we continue to see these GOP obstructionists and lies continue to make traction.

Democrats WTF?

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