Thursday, August 6, 2009

No health care bill, muddy waters, fake outrage, bad polling numbers = ?

What do you think it equals?

Mix all that into a huge pot, what do you get?


Watch Rachel Maddow, below who exposes and lays it on the line about the heavy lobby influence in the health care battle:

Again, we have democrats out there talking about health care with NO DAMN BILL. Meaning, they are just TALKING about wanting health care with no talking points to expound on here.

It sucks, don't it.

These lobbyists groups are doing something they have done for years, stoke anger or faux anger at these town hall meetings of congress critters and make HEADLINES of the ANGER in AMERICA. Well, it is working. But I don't fault the lobbyists for doing this. We knew their deal for years, they are not hiding behind a bush, they are out there and have been for decades. They don't give a damn. I fault the Democrats. Yes, the D.C. Democrats.

When my mother called me and asked me about what is Barack talking about in this health care debate, the call took me for a loop. But the reality is that many don't know what he is talking about, nor do they understand what the Democrats are trying to sell or what it means for THEM, since many have health care that they love or are seniors, thanks to Medicare. And the lobbyists are doing a good job. They are targeting seniors who will NEVER give an inch on Medicare, muddy the waters that Medicare is "not a government program", arm them to these town hall meetings and we hear the ridiculous. During the AARP town hall meeting with President Obama, the Obama Adminstration should have been ALARMED at many repeated calls about taking their Medicare away, the misinformation that many did not know Medicare was a "government program", and the lie that is being repeated that the Democrats want seniors to die. Yes, many are believing that. And why should we be worried? Mid-term elections are coming up and SENIORS VOTE.

For all the great things the Obama Campaign and Administration has done and represented, they have ALWAYS been slow off the mark in REACTING. For some, they react too late, this may be one of the times. I am in agreement with Markos, if the public option of the health care reform plan is stripped or dummied down to nothing, it is up to the progressives to KILL THE BILL and come back in a couple of years (if they can):

Qunnipiac has a new poll out on the health care debate and it is not good.

Do you think President Obama's health care plan would increase the taxes that you pay, decrease the taxes you pay, or not make a

Increase: 66%
Decrease: 6%

Do you agree or disagree with the following: Congress should
approve a health care overhaul plan even if only Democrats support

Agree: 36% (Independents 33)
Disagree: 59% (Independents 63)

President Obama has pledged that health insurance reform will not
add to our federal budget deficit over the next decade. Do you think
that President Obama will be able to keep his promise or do you think
any health care plan that Congress passes and President Obama signs
will add to the federal budget deficit?

Will Keep Promise: 21%
Will Add to Deficit: 72%

American voters, by a 55 - 35 percent margin, are more worried that Congress will spend too much money and add to the deficit than it will not act to overhaul the health care system, according to a Quinnipiac University national poll released today. By a similar 57 - 37 percent margin, voters say health care reform should be dropped if it adds "significantly" to the deficit.

These numbers are directly related to the Democrats lack of push back, no bill or specifics and letting the Republicans continue their noise that it will RAISE YOUR TAXES, it will INCREASE THE DEFICIT. That concern is warranted and is settling into the minds of many Americans, especially the independents who are the swing voters, here.

We have a lot going on here. We have teabaggers, birthers, whatever you call them out in force to muddy the message and get on television, it is working. We have our congress critters and the Obama Administration talking about health care reform with no specifics or talking points to hold it up. We have polling numbers coming out, Quinnipiac is not the only firm with eroding numbers, on the health care issue with Americans. We have lobbyists performing shadow dancing with the Democrats to erode or totally destroy health care reform for Americans. Finally, we have D.C. Democrats, many who are so tied to lobbyist monies that they are playing along with Republicans to stall any advancement of the argument for health care reform.

If we don't have a strong public option for ANY health care reform, the Democrats can kiss this all goodbye. It comes down to this ad running against Senator Ben Nelson. This man, Michael Snider was on Rachel Maddow's show last night and said, "Barack Obama was elected to get health care reform done." Democrats do you get that message? Right now, you are acting like you don't.

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