Monday, August 3, 2009

I don't like how this is going down, period. (Video)

This is from Lloyd Doggett's (D-TX) town hall:

Sure, it is a bunch of nuts or really UNINFORMED constituents who are buying into the argument of the NON-ARGUMENT of the Republican Party for health care reform.

The Obama White House needs to get out of the bubble and get real here. We all know that the lobbyists and insurance companies are ARMED TO THE NINES to defeat any health care reform, UNLESS THEY WRITE IT. Since they can not WRITE IT, they will destroy it. Simple as that.

Why is this dangerous?

These folks are ON TELEVISION, getting eyeballs, and making traction. Worried yet? Sure, it may be just a few, but a few can rollerball into many. The Democrats have not sold the health care reform argument because there is no fucking bill by them. Are we shooting the bullets into our feet yet?

At newly crowned Democratic Senator Arlen Specter's event:

I wrote a diary last week that was a call for action. For all of you to find out when your congress critters are meeting their constituents and let them feel the heat. Well, they are not FEELING IT YET and if this continues we might as well just piss this in the wind.

clammyc is right. If we have to DEFEND our argument without clarifying and putting the bullshit to bed, we are LOSING THE ARGUMENT.

Get busy. Get to these meetings of these congress critters and let them know WE ARE THERE.

And lastly, Senator Carl Levin (D-MI) being chased AWAY:

Take your cameras, video cameras and get OUR POSITION OUT THERE!!!

h/t Think Progress

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