Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Enter Pat Buchanan and his "white males never get a break" argument against Sotomayor

Here we go again.

We know that the climate is vicious and that some element of the Republican establishment has tried to tamp down the hate, race, sexist element from all these analysts on tv, but Pat Buchanan takes the cake.

I highlight him because he has been on television a very long time spewing all his "they hate the white man" bullshit for years. He hates affirmative action at any junction and if someone does not look like him, you can forget it.

Which is why, he along with King Rush and President Gingrich are the vocal leaders in promoting their disdain against a Latino woman who did nothing but the right thing.

If it ain't white in their corner, it ain't right.

Here we have the resident, code talker, Pat Buchanan on Hardball.

I know, why the hell is he on television? Well, he is there for amusement and to rally whatever troops the Republicans have left for the white man's plight!! Which for the record is no plight, but when you have a megaphone on television you are allowed to say any shit necessary, be it true or not!!

And then Buchanan goes bottom feeding on Washington Journal, C-SPAN. I am not knocking Washington Journal, the show has informative guests and topics, but let's be real, those callers are a piece of work. Talk about conspiracy theories? None of them would be allowed on this site AT ALL!!

I guess 5 or 10 years ago, I would be worried about this negative noise, but I am not any longer. This is a Republican Party issue, the nullification of minorities allowed in their group. It is the Pat Buchanans, Rush Limbaughs, Glenn Becks, Hannitys, Bill O'Reillys that the Republicans have to worry about.

Case and point.

The overt niceness that have come from the Republican Senators on the Hill towards Sotomayor. And you know what, that is great, but what about a SPINE.

A spine as in denouncing, publicly, by name all these racist and sextists gasbags that have been on television and talk radio 24/7 spewing race bait and code language since last week. What about denouncing that GOP senators on the hill?

Ah, but they never will. Why? They are not forward thinking or even thinkers. They are still holding the Lee Atwater playbook, that has been revised by Karl Rove. Believing that there are just enough to make that 50.1 to win elections, believing if they let others make the point that it will become cement.

Unfortunately, not this time, not when you have the Latino community the largest and fastest growing in this country. Attempting to disqualify a highly distinguished judge who has sat on the bench for 17 years is a hard one to swallow. And if you think the Latino community won't remember, watch the 527 ads that will pop up on Spanish language television with the images of Pat Buchanan, Rush Limbaugh, attached to Judge Sotomayor and the reminder of their words, underlined at the end to remind folks they are REPUBLICAN.

That is going to be a hard one to beat.

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