Monday, February 16, 2009

Thank You Field Negro....

The Field Negro is a blogger who has been consistent and correct on many points. A must read daily blog, at least for me. Anywhoo.....

My frustration, as many others, has been Obama continuing to try to reach the hardened, far right Republicans. The Republicans in the House who did not vote for the stimulus package. These Republicans are from very red districts, districts that are brainwashed by the Rush Limbaughs, entrenched with the Hannitys and Bill O'Reillys, quick to point fingers at persons of other colors for any failures, and the majority from districts Obama did not carry.

I am glad that my president is showing that he is trying bi-partisanship, but he was side blinded by the media and these Republicans who drove the stimulus bill's numbers down while he is trying to coax them. It made Obama hit the road to sell the stimulus package as the numbers were eroding.

It is this here from TFN that sums it up:

This is A-merry-ca damn it, and the last time I checked we have a two party system of governing here. Two different political schools of thought of how things should get done. People get on Nancy Pelosi, but at least she understands that you can't reach out to the wingnuts on the right. The O man might be as great persuader, but he ain't that good. If he was, he would have gotten at least one republican to vote for his stimulus package. He failed to understand that republicans, especially the ones in Washington, were all elected from very red states, and they ain't voting with the "One" no matter how many plane rides he gives them. The rethugs in Washington aren't there because of independent voters, and moderates, they are there because they were voted in by people from very red states and districts. They want to go back to Washington, so what do you think they are going to do?

If Obama was off to a rocky start it's because he tried to be too bipartisan. He tried to compromises with folks who don't understand the meaning of the word. He failed to see just how partisan they really are. Their blinders are thick, and their hearts are hardened. At this point the wingnuts on talk radio, reich wing blogs, and on FAKE NEWS, are their only constituents, and all the plane rides in the world won't change that.

Going forward our president should deal with Republicans who will deal with him. Offer the olive branch, but if rebuffed, MOVE ON. It is going to take a long time to get bi-partisanship in Washington, D.C. and it will START if the stimulus package works by next year. The success of this bill will remove a talking point from Republicans in 2010. These Republicans may lose or will lose their seat because of banding with the party of NO. It will be this scare, for the ones who survive, that the Republicans will attempt to work with Obama with a more open mind. Not until then.

So for now, President Obama let it go. That is the hardened Republicans, for real.

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