Wednesday, October 21, 2009

President Obama's memo to Wall Street during NY fundraiser (Video)

The financial industry joining the White House on financial reform? Folks, you think health care is a fight? The money is already flowing HEAVY through the halls of congress on NO CHANGE after the disastrous irresponsibility of Wall Street. In other words, the rich folks want to remain, RICH. It was Wall Street, the banking industry that paid so much money for deregulation it happened. Does it mean every time Wall Street 'eff up that we, the taxpayer are supposed to bail these rich crooks out? Hell to the naw, on that one, from me, but we saw what happened with Bush and Obama. This industry needs to be regulated and heavy. I don't want another dime going to these crooks. This is the industry that believes heavily in the free market and capitalism, yet they came running to the very government that they despise to save them. After what has happened, regulate them to the mo-fo hilt.

And if you don't get it? Watch the PBS Frontline: The Warning. After watching this you will scratch your head and ask, "Why are the same people who KNEW this was happening are still around? Like in the Obama Administration?"

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