Sunday, October 18, 2009

Discrediting Fox News continues, David Axelrod on This Week on ABC (Video)

I don't care about Fox News, as a whole, but their continuous pounding of not reporting facts is a problem. How can you actually believe that this organization is fair and balanced when this organization continues to not report the facts but skew the facts. I am the first, and many know who read this blog, when Obama or his administration is bogus and I don't agree I state so with my reasons. My problems with Fox News has nothing to do with it slanting the conservative bend, it is not reporting the facts and have looney tunes as Glenn Beck as their national spokesman. Big problem. And Murdoch is all about making money, because if this network was serious about reporting the news, Glenn Beck and his antics would not be on Fox News.

And Rahm Emanuel on CNN's State of the Union, about Fox News:

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