Thursday, September 17, 2009

Senator Chuck Grassley blames OBAMA for non bipartianship in regards to health care reform

Can we gag?

Chuck Grassley, the Senator of Iowa who repeated the LIES of "death panels will kill Grandma", now is quitting and won't vote for any health care legislation.

Big Whoop.

Everyone but the White House knew what was going on for the longest. Thankfully, the White House has taken its head out of the clouds and are now looking at this realistically.

Grassley was a fraud on every level. He is a prime example of what will continue to happen in Washington, D.C., as long as Barack Obama is Commander in Chief. Any bipartianship going forward is a fantasy and I really hope the White House realizes that.

Republican Sen. Chuck Grassley said he "resents" some of the things the administration and President Obama said and did during the August recess. In particular, Grassley took umbrage with President Obama attaching him to the death panel controversy. He said it was something he “took very personally.”

"And [I] kind of resent, that when I've been very candid with the President of the United States face to face... I leveled with him, I leveled with him," Grassley said of his conversations with President Obama. "And then we're accused by [David] Axelrod of making political things and maybe not being serious in our negotiations."

Yes, he leveled with the President by stabbing him repeatedly in the back. Going forward, forget Grassley for anything; he can not be trusted, period. Actions speak louder than words. Always have, always will.


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