Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Senator Chuck Grassley = DEATHER = President Obama = Forget these obstructionist Republicans (Video)

I agree with Muzikal203, give it up already, President Obama.

Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA), who was kindly touted by President Barack Obama as one who is working at bi-partisianship for health care, at the New Hampshire town hall meeting yesterday, provided a 360 degree statement today.

Forget about these Republicans. I mean the ones who are not honest brokers and that is MOST OF THEM.

Senator Chuck Grassley backing up the "Death Panel" rumor, which has been debunked totally.

Government program to pull the plug on Grandma. Straight up talking points.

President Obama, we have watched you try to build consensus, but how can you be an honest broker when the other man or woman clearly IS NOT.

Time to cut them loose and let it go. This is starting to look ridiculous. We all know that the Republican Party, as a whole, don't gave a damn about any health care reform. But the American public DOES.

Let it go.

In closing, Arianna Huffington sums it up TOTALLY. I hope you are LISTENING, President Obama.

Read it all here and here.

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