Thursday, September 17, 2009

No one likes the Baucus Insurance Welfare Bill

It is welfare for the insurance companies, who are currently pushing the Baucus plan. For them, no public option (no competition), mandates (Americans MUST purchase insurance, just like car insurance), the middle class will get hit HARD with the premiums. Now, if you are an executive for any health care insurance company, how would you feel about this? Over the moon with glee.

On the surface, it appears that no one is happy with Sen. Max Baucus (D-Mont.) -- and that may be the best news President Obama has had in months.

Within minutes of the release of the Senate Finance Committee chairman's long-awaited health-care reform bill Wednesday, the attacks started flying. Liberal Democrats and allies, particularly labor unions, fumed. Republicans, after being courted for months, denounced the work as pure partisanship.

Baucus actually had a presser and guess who showed up from his Senate Finance Committee? NO ONE. And that bipartisanship courtship, a big ol' bust.

Is this good for the Obama White House? Yes, since they have seen the revelation that the Republicans are not voting on squat and that Baucus is a compromised politician who did not write this bill, but had his good old buddies from the insurance lobby to do so.
Howard Dean, former Democratic National Committee chairman, minced no words about Sen. Max Baucus's healthcare proposal, unveiled to the public this morning. "The Baucus bill is the worst piece of healthcare legislation I've seen in 30 years," Dean said last night at a healthcare town hall and book signing in Washington. "In fact, it's a $60 billion giveaway to the health insurance industry every year," he said. "It was written by healthcare lobbyists, so that's not a surprise. It's an outrage."

Senator Max Baucus is not a Democrat, but a Blue Dog corporatist. Health care reform or insurance reform will be the 21st Century biggest change legislation since the 1960s.

Seems to me, that many politicians that go to Washington, D.C., go there for very little change or increments and that is supposed to be ok. Unless you are wealthy, don't have to worry about health insurance, why should you care? Why should politicians care about their voters who have no insurance? They have the best that any money can buy and they know it.

It is time for many Americans to look these politicians over and say ENOUGH. Just enough of THEM. We have people dying that could be saved because some bean counter from an insurance company, who gets bonuses for denying claims, says so, overriding what an insurer's doctor's prognosis and diagnosis states. Every single American should be outraged.

And if you think that you are OK, even if you are not wealthy, think again, most Americans are NOT OKAY. Many are one job from NO HEALTH INSURANCE. That is only not fair but straight up wrong.

Lastly, all these teabaggers or whatever, mostly older Americans covered under the bosom of MEDICARE and at these protest rallies, what if the shoe was on the other foot? What about your kids or your grandkids? Health care in this country is not a privilege it is a DAMN RIGHT. And the Max Baucus' need to be defeated and removed from office, ASAP.

These type of politicians are the obstructionists, not the visionaries that is needed in this country to move forward. Blue Dogs, you are on notice.

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