Monday, August 10, 2009

Obama holding town hall meeting in Grand Junction, Colorado

And guess what? NO SCREENING, as many of the Republicans are doing for their town hall meetings, like Senator David (I love prostitutes and wearing diapers!!) Vitter (R-LA).

Mr. Obama plans to hold the town-hall meetings Tuesday in Portsmouth, N.H., Friday in Bozeman, Mont., and Saturday in Grand Junction, Colo. A White House official said participants wouldn't be screened to keep out opponents.

Mr. Obama, who has previously focused on cutting overall health spending, will now emphasize how the legislation would fix three specific problems, according to the White House official. An overhaul would end the practice of denying insurance coverage to people with a pre-existing illness; keep people from losing their coverage if they get sick; and protect Americans who face high out-of-pocket medical costs, the official said Mr. Obama would say.

The White House has been upstaged in recent days by a series of congressional town-hall meetings that turned rowdy after attendees shouted questions about the president's top domestic-policy priority. The official said cabinet members and other advisers would be dispatched to echo the president's message about fixing the three problems. read more here....

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