Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Republicans if you do not "take a stand" against Sotomayor, you can kiss it goodbye (Video)

Republicans, Robertson is so important that he stated she is "the worst;" and you better stand up and pump your chest to "take a stand" if not Republicans will "kiss their chances" of regaining "power away" !!!

It is ding bats like Robertson that got the GOP in a box....

All of this is sheer laughter, really it is.

But the reality is that the Republicans or GOP are in a box, a real box with the Sotomayor nomination.

We saw inklings of this during the mid-terms of 2006 when millions of Hispanics, legal, illegal, aliens came out of the shadows to march for immigration reform. What did the Republicans, who were in power, do? They went on television and made vile, racist statements. The usual proverbial, "go back to Mexico" shit.

What happened next? The Hispanic vote either voted Democratic or did not show up in 2006. What happened next? The house and senate flipped to the Democrats.

Then we had the 2007/2008 primaries and general elections. The only party that talked about immigration reform and debated in the Hispanic community was the Democrats. The Republican Party was no where to be seen or heard from on this issue. What happened in 2008? The Hispanic community voted in droves for Obama, flipping key western states as Nevada, New Mexico and Colorado to Obama.

The problem with the Republicans is that they don't believe this community is listening to them, so they can continue to say inflammatory things. Like our big, fat cat friend who is King of the right-winged speak, King Rush. Here is the King calling Sotomayor a racist. Yes, he went there:

Does the GOP think this is going to bring the Hispanic community back to their corner by insulting one of their own? Do they? In fact, it is rhetoric like this that pushes the Hispanic community firmly into the Democratic fold. A group, you must remember, that is much needed by the GOP since they have not grasped the idea that, "yeah, the United States of America is really diverse."

And then we have the great John King over at CNN who actually repeated "anonymous sources" to question the intellect of Judge Sotomayor. Grant it a woman who graduated from Princeton and Yale with honors and has been on the bench since 1992, but never the less these "unnamed sources" are quite important in trying to smear Judge Sotomayor as "not smart enough".

And let's not forget how MSNBC's Mark Whittaker just easily reports anonymous sources against Sotomayor, not being "the brightest", again, pushing unknown talking points as fact.

Karl Rove, dropout Karl Rove, questioning the intellect of Judge Sotomayor? Ok, have you stopped laughing, yet?

And getting an opinion from the DUMBEST ATTORNEY GENERAL ever?

I guess I could get angry or jump up and down, but I am not and I won't. In the end, it is about the numbers and the Democrats have it, while the Republicans don't.

So, I applaud all the idiots and the idiots who represent their idiot channels for spewing the GOP talking points. If anyone thinks that Barack Obama is going to let you pull a "Harriet Miers" on him, think again, that ain't happenin'.

Republicans, blaze on and MSM try some real journalism. Going on television with pushed anonymous talking points is as low as you can go. And you guys are scraping the bottom of the barrel daily.

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