Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Obama limits CEOs salaries from bailout banks and the stimulus package (Video and Transcript)

President Barack Obama is trying to pivot BACK to his stimulus package. A package, in which the Obama White House has allowed the wilderness Republicans to nitpick, exploits the obvious pork and defines the package as a spending package instead of a jobs package.

I watched Roland Martin last night on CNN who said openly what I have been thinking privately, that the Obama White House has done a horrible job in selling this stimulus package to the public. I agree. This is not the campaign when we were spinning our heels on the SLOWNESS in the response by the Obama Campaign. This is 2009 and President Obama and his White House need to shift out of casual mode and get in the trenches with this stimulus package.

Why is this important? Because as of RIGHT NOW, Obama does not have the numbers in the senate to pass this bill. Obama also should have read the house bill, LINE BY LINE and removed all that pork or perception of pork, out of that bill. This bill should be about JOBS, JOBS, JOBS, the creation of jobs and then get out there and explain to the public why each item in that bill will infuse the economy and create jobs.

This did not happen. The Daschle debacle woke everyone up over at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Campaigning for change and not showing change in your administration is called being a hypocrite. I am glad Obama went on all the major networks and said, "I screwed up." He did because the buck stops at the Oval Office. Now it is time to clean it up, pivot and get this stimulus package PASSED.

Lastly, the Republicans, most of the ones on the Hill in Washington, DC, don't care about this stimulus package passing. They have made their point that they are going to be obstructionists and will do anything to NOT HELP. This means, they do not care about President Obama coming to the Hill and listening to them. Their minds are made up. Bi-partisanship can only go so far. If the other side continues to give you the flip, what are you to do? As President Obama evoked in his statement, he reminded those in congress what the people voted for on November 4th. Now, President Obama must move forward and past the Republicans. You cannot continue to talk to a door closed in your face, because that is just what the Republicans have done. The Obama White House has allowed them in their wilderness to drive home their message on the stimulus package. Bad move. Time to highjack the message BACK and I mean quick, fast and in a hurry. Or we are going to be stuck with a bunch of 1980s style tax cuts which will do NOTHING for jobs. We did not vote for this.

And the bailed out fat cats on Wall Street? This needed to happen, YESTERDAY.


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