Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Lord, do I need to become a nagging biatch about the importance of this stimulus package?

Damn, somebody does.

We get it. President Obama has been slow off the mark and the Republicans have snatched the media narrative of the stimulus package. President Obama fumbled and found out the public don't take too kindly to hypocrisy. And it takes the field negro to put it in perspective.

So Tom Daschale had to withdraw his name from consideration because of a little tax problem. I take that back. Because of a big tax problem. I know that to a guy who made over five million dollars selling himself to the highest bidder; $128,203 is not much, but to most A-merry-cans that is serious dollars. And that's what bothers me about Daschle, not that he cheated on his taxes (hell we wll would like to do that), what bothers me about the guy is that he has basically been a high powered lobbyist for the past few years. His O ness better get real. That is not change we can believe in, this looks like more of the same old inside the beltway bullshit to me. And please don't tell me that he didn't know what Daschle did for a living. He knew, and so did everyone and their momma in Washington.

I know his O ness is like Superman to a lot of people, but he better be careful, there is a lot of kryptonite in Washington. The rethugs couldn't stop Tim Geither from getting confirmed, but they were going to be dammed if they went down without a fight with Daschle. There is too much at stake with this department, we are talking about health care here. This one was going to get really ugly, and that is the last thing his O ness wants. He is still busy trying to play nice and "change the tone in Washington". Funny, I don't think the rethugs and the press got the memo.

Now Obama is fighting for his stimulus package. A package that is in the senate and if we are to vote, at this time, would not pass. It is time for a reality check.

The Republicans have enjoyed the media narrative game, but now we need to get on with it. Robert Gibbs is right, without this stimulus package 5 million jobs will disappear.
"Continuing the policies that got us where we are today is not a recipe for getting us where we need to be tomorrow," spokesman Robert Gibbs told reporters.

The laying down of numerical markers -- Gibbs also predicted that Friday would bring news of more steep job losses -- is one of the more direct pleas the Obama administration has made in support of its stimulus package.

"Our failure to do something in size and scope commensurate with the challenges we have at hand, will find ourselves worse off than we are now," Gibbs concluded.

The only number that should worry every single person in this country is the unemployment number. That number is going up folks, not down. This is the bullet that we need to shoot to those opposing this stimulus bill. This bill must be about creating and preserving JOBS. We need to go out there and sell this JOBS BILL, explain line by freakin' line why this will stimulate the economy and how it will create jobs.

We are not winning the perception now. Sorry, we are not. And it is kind of weird that we have the Republicans who are the worst since Nixon was kicked out of office, taking the high road and being appalled at the amount of this bill. This coming from ram it through the congress, Republicans who were lock step with Bush and Co. and put us in the dire straights we are in!!!

Democrats get the message back and get in lock step order. Shut that Republican noise up!! Remind the public how we got there and why we need to get on with this. This is a JOBS BILL and must be pushed forward as so. Forget trying to get Republicans on board, who will never be on board anyway and work with those who want this JOBS BILL passed.

Lastly, I can not write this enough. People are hurting, angry at this government, skeptical, but want something done. We have too many Americans on the cusp of disaster in this country and needed help, yesterday. Obama and Company need to put fuel in the jet and get out here to the people and tell them DIRECTLY what impact it will have to their lives and explain the DISASTER of what will happen if this bill is not passed.

Let's get on with this and get on with it NOW.

Great diary on Daily Kos for what we can do to help save this JOBS BILL.

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