Sunday, October 11, 2009

Republicans, listen up, "Keep acting a fool over the Olympics, Nobel Peace Prize, if you want..."

In the meantime, the President's polling numbers are going up.

Conservatives and Republicans cheering that the United States of America lost the Olympic bid was epic FAILURE, on your part. Who in their right mind goes against their own country? That bitterness surely is not sitting well in the heart land.

Conservatives and Republicans whining and having a hissy fit over President Obama being awarded the Nobel Peace Prize does not bode well for you, either. Mr. Obama did not campaign for this award, had no idea that he would get this award, but to react like the sun and moon was falling from the sky, that behavior is a bit much. As Americans, we should be PROUD of our President receiving this monumental award. It has proven that the United States of America is moving in a new direction, away from the disastrous George W. Bush era. Your nastiness is not helping your party, one bit. Especially for the elusive independent voter, who thinks that your rhetoric is bat shit crazy!!!

For all this, the conservatives and the republicans have awarded President Obama with higher poll numbers, across the board, and believe me he is truly grateful.





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