Sunday, July 5, 2009

Kremlin, Vatican & Ants Ahead for Obamas

Maureen over at East Wing Rules lays it out for what is ahead in Moscow for the Obamas...

Like their personal shadows, the White House and all its security gear, protocol and communication equipment travels with the first family wherever they go. Onsite secret service along with the one chosen as food taster and an advance team travel with the president and family members. Hotels are secured from above and below and embassies in the destination nations go on high alert. Historically, the president is most often alone on these missions. On momentous occasions and commemorative events, the First Lady and the First Family travels along. Former First Daughters Barbara & Jenna Bush expressed deep regret that they did not travel with the president often until his last year in office.

The Kremlin from the air that the First Family will see when arriving in Moscow and if, the Obama family stays at the Ritz a great view of Moscow's Red Square.

Malia & Sasha Obama are not of an age where they are free to chart their own course or itinerary and the East Wing is putting final prep on their schedules. The littlest Obamas, minus puppy Bo, will be on for another international frenzy as they touchdown with their parents on Air Force One and alight first in the Russian capital of Moscow, on to Italy and the ravages of the earthquake zone and to Africa for a final stop in Ghana. A week that will be historic for the adults as well as the children as they next week as youngsters have not traveled with a president on official business in the 21st century for an extended period. It will be viscerally different after viewing their first fireworks display at the White House on Malia's and the nation's birthday. Even the First Grandma is along for the ride on this official trip. read more here....

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