Friday, June 26, 2009

Maureen Orth is one bitter pill, truly she is, from morning joe (Video)

For a woman who lost her husband a bit over a year ago tragically by a heart attack, her venom on Michael Jackson is stunning. NBC/MSNBC cried on television for over a WEEK in remembrance of her husband Tim Russert, yet she was all over television yesterday and today like she knew Michael Jackson, personally, when in reality SHE DID NOT.

Second hand information can be a bitch. Unless you are there, in the room, heard it from the horse's mouth that information is speculative. Next, people change and do have things that change in their life. So, for Orth to spew her venom since yesterday is just not only ungracious but she looks and sounds like a bitter bitch. Sorry, calling it the way it looks.

Michael Jackson, as all of us, had issues in his life. The main fact is that he never had a life. He was in front of the cameras since the age of five, never went to school, never had close friends growing up, always under the scrutiny. That in itself is not normal, that in itself will alter any human, that in itself makes one very suspect of anyone that is in their life.

Maureen Orth needs to go somewhere and STFU, because she comes across as one bitter pill. In the end, the public will remember Jackson as a genius and brilliant performer. The one who broke barriers. The one who made MTV put minority music on its channel. The one who changed the music industry.

Finally, John Ridley did set the record straight on the Maureen Orth's bullshit.


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