Thursday, May 7, 2009

Today I watched a woman truly miserable....Elizabeth Edwards....

Again, I don't know why she wrote the book or went on Oprah, but it was heart wrenching to see a woman fighting the inevitability.....the loss of her marriage.

Her blaming of Rielle Hunter, only, for her husband's infidelity was unbelievable, but then the calling of Hunter's child, "it" was even more strange.

Adultery takes people in different places, I know, I have witnessed the hurt of it, but folks I knew never lost sight on the reality of what had happened. I think Elizabeth Edwards has.

Elizabeth Edwards is fighting some mighty demons right now and it is out in the open to see. I hope she finds whatever peace she is seeking, but I don't think she will.

Lastly, her husband, John Edwards is a scumbag of the tallest order, nothing new here and my opinion has not changed, but he is a lucky bastard that Elizabeth still wants to be bothered with the likes of him.

Mrs. Edwards tells Oprah Winfrey that she has essentially walled herself off from the possibility that her husband may have fathered a child with the woman with whom he had an affair.

“It doesn’t make any difference to me,” Mrs. Edwards says. She also implies that Mr. Edwards is not certain either whether the baby girl is his.

No difference to her, but it is a difference and if you saw the Oprah interview, you would agree.
But Ms. Winfrey presses Mrs. Edwards about whether Mr. Edwards is the father of the baby born to Rielle Hunter, though Ms. Winfrey does not use Ms. Hunter’s name because that was a condition of the interview.

“If it were discovered at some point that it was — which is not something we know — if they discovered that it was, then, you know, that would be part of John’s life, but it’s not part of mine,” Mrs. Edwards says of the baby. “And I can’t really see any upside to my making it part of my life, honestly.”

Ms. Winfrey asks Mrs. Edwards if she has asked her husband if the baby is his. Mrs. Edwards responds: “He has — he’s told me, you know — he’s talked to me about, you know, questions people ask and things like that. And he doesn’t know any more than I know about this.”

No clear cut answer, she knows it is his child.
Ms. Winfrey asks whether Mrs. Edwards, who went on to campaign for her husband, “and saying what a great husband, and father, and man, he was, were you being honest?”

Mrs. Edwards says yes because “I changed the way I talked a lot,” though at first she canceled several appearances she had scheduled.

Ms. Winfrey points out that Mrs. Edwards could have used her recurrence of her breast cancer as an excuse to end the campaign. “That was a way out,” Ms. Winfrey says. Mrs. Edwards agrees but says no more.

She admits that she was curious about Ms. Hunter and wanted details of the relationship. Her self-confidence suffered, she says, and the hardest part about her marriage now is rebuilding the trust.

She decided to work on the marriage rather than split up because she didn’t want to spend the rest of her life fighting; her doctor has told her she could live anywhere between one year and 10 years. Death is not as frightening as it might be, Mrs. Edwards says, because the couple had already lost their son, Wade, when he was 16.

Also, Mrs. Edwards says, she doesn’t want her life or her marriage to be defined by her husband’s affair. And she questions whether it is fair to judge him by this one “terrible” thing when he has done so many other good things.

She does not want her life or marriage to be defined by her husband's affair. Going on Oprah just defined it.


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