Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Diaper lovin', prostitute chasin', Senator David Vitter slammed by the White House

Don't get me started on HIM.

He is the last noise out of Washington, D.C. who should attempt to posture ANYTHING. Vitter is busy jerking around the FEMA nominee for political capital. PLEASE. Man, I know you want to keep your job and there will be many nipping at your heels, but the FEMA position needs to be filled NOW and not yesterday. I guess, he is worried about the Storm coming his way....

The White House went on the offensive today against a Republican senator who is blocking the president’s nominee to head the Federal Emergency Management Agency

White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs said Sen. David Vitter (R-La.) was engaging in "political posturing" at a critical time, with the start of the hurricane season just three weeks away.

Vitter is stalling the vote on the nomination of Craig Fugate to head up the government’s emergency response agency because he said he has not received information from FEMA about high-risk flood zones.

Gibbs said Fugate has a "stellar bipartisan record" and is supported by Democrats and Republicans.

"He is somebody that deserves immediate Senate confirmation, not political posturing, from a senator from Louisiana who should understand as well as anybody what's at stake in responding to a hurricane. And we expect that he'll be confirmed quickly," he said.

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