Thursday, March 12, 2009

It is over for Cramer and CNBC to some extent.

I sat in utter awe at the tenacity, seriousness and the keepin' it real attitude of Jon Stewart. Stewart reminded me of the time he was on CNNs now defunct Crossfire and his mocking of Tucker Carlson.

I give Jim Cramer just one credit, that's for showing up. He should have canceled. If you have not seen this show, after watching it you would agree. He should have canceled.

Jim Cramer should have allowed Jon Stewart, who is one of the current greatest satirists, to have his say about CNBC and let it go, even if it took a personal hit on him. This was one bus Cramer should have let ride by without getting on and paying the fare. But he didn't. His pride and reputation meant too much.

Cramer responding to Jon Stewart was the nailing in his coffin. Tonight Jim Cramer is six feet under.

I don't understand why these so-called "media consultants, commentators, analysts" get their panties in a bunch when a comedian mocks them. When you have satirists, comedians like Jon Stewart, David Letterman, etc. go after you, just STFU and let it ride. Folks remember McCain and how Letterman destroyed him because he LIED about an emergency back to Washington, DC? Did Cramer not get that memo?

Cramer going on NBC and then morning joe was not only a joke, but more fuel to a heated fire for Jon Stewart. Stewart not only mocked and made Cramer look more like a fool, but Joe Scarborough the morning joke of his show was called out. One thing for morning joke, the next day he showed restrain for a "white and bitter" guy. He got the message from Jon Stewart the night before and drank a cup of STFU the next day.

Lastly, Stewart's whole montage from the beginning was about the irresponsible reporting of CNBC and other financial news organizations. They are not interested in reporting on the up and up because they are afraid that they will not have access to these CEOs. The sad part about all of this is that financial news organizations as, CNBC, have also been played by these CEOs. These CEOs have had a platform, sounding board to pump their companies up while dumping their stock for the millions, leaving shareholders high and dry. That is the real ponzi scheme on Wall Street.

After watching Jon Stewart tonight, everyone should be DONE with listening to these gas bags on CNBC. I remember growing up when my parents read the financial section and THEY picked the stock based on their own investigation.

Maybe it is time for us to start using our brains, follow our own intuitions and make our own deals. We all could do a hell of a lot better than follow the likes of Cramer and CNBC which will drive you over a cliff, a financial cliff that is.

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