Sunday, January 11, 2009

The First Dog has been narrowed down to....

A Labradoodle, yes one of those "boutique picks cross breed mix" and a Portuguese Water Hound. Information and video clip, here.

I know folks with the Labradoodle and the breed is sweet. It is hypoallergenic. And I know folks with the Portuguese Water Hound and this breed is medium sized, cute and sweet with kids.

OK, now what about my boos. I lost my sweet Hobbes (Hobby), February 29, 2008 at 13, he was a Bichon Frise. This breed is a total family dog, sweet, stubborn, companion, and plenty in a shelter. We were Hobbes second family, so OBAMA FAMILY, this is another hypo allergenic dog.


And my other boo is Snoop. He is a Havanese, totally hypo allergenic, family based, a FUN DOG, sweet as pie and LISTENS TO YOU. I got Snoop from this breeder in Elgin, Illinois, and OBAMA FAMILY here is some information, the breeder will have another litter this spring because I am thinking of getting another puppy!!


I mean, what about these precious boos, yes, I call my dogs, boos because they are/were sweet as pie. These are companions that don't complain, love you no matter what, and will sleep in the dog house with you, IF YOU ARE PUT THERE!!

OK, my mini-rant, but Obamas it is great to get a dog from the pound, but make sure your dog is trainable, have plenty of love for them, and be PATIENT. Especially, with house training, with a schedule that you ADHERE TO, they will soon be trained, part of the family and in your family photos. Once in the photos, that pet is your's for good. And I mean that.

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