Friday, January 23, 2009

Beautiful Bed for the Obamas to sleep on.....

Last week, Jeff Jenkins, proprietor of Leonards New England, a 75-year-old antique furniture business based in Massachusetts and Connecticut, delivered an early 19th century tiger’s eye maple four-poster bed to a warehouse in Maryland. The bed, which had been restored and re-sized to king size, was ordered by Michael Smith, the decorator hired to freshen up the Obamas’ private residence in the White House. Evidently, pre-inauguration, all the furniture for the new occupants was being stored in this Maryland warehouse, waiting for the move on January 20th. (Note: only the bed in this photo was headed to the White House. None of the other furnishings were included.)

“We know the bed is going into the private quarters of the White House,” says Aaron Jenkins, sales manager of Leonards and son of Jeff. But neither of the Jenkins know where in the private quarters the bed was headed. Nor could their delivery men see anything else stored in the Maryland warehouse. “They came back from delivering it and said everything was totally covered and wrapped,” says Jenkins.

Well, I love four poster beds and the next one I get, will be four poster. I also love old, antiques as I have been collecting a few furniture pieces for my home. This bed looks very vintage and keeps with the style of Michelle Obama.