Thursday, January 22, 2009

11M for a Sarah Palin book?

Once Sarah Palin stepped on the national stage, you could not pull her off. Literally. Palin even wanted to step on John McCain's concession speech to give a speech of her own, unprecedented and she was told CORRECTLY, NO.

Since, Palin had to go back to the unglamorous Alaska, I mean let's face it, the lower 48 is not Alaska, she just could not keep the microphone far away from her lips.

Now she is shopping a book deal. For what? What does she have to say about anything, really? She stumbled into the governorship, she bounced around from 6 or 7 colleges before she graduated, she is not that politically bright (SHE IS NOT, SEE KATIE COURIC), she energizes the 25% of the Republican base, she failed to expand the base and include women, she ran off the independent vote which allowed McCain to lose, and she was a whore monger on the 150K spent on clothes by dressing not only her but her family like they never had clothes before in their lives (and that story is still not clear), so what does she have to write about?

Sarah Palin shopping for a book deal?

$11 million for the story of the hockey-mom from Alaska who ran for vice president?

Michael Muskal of the Los Angeles Times writes that Robert Barnett of the Washington legal world, the book deal czar, is working with Palin. Barnett sealed the book deals for both Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton.

Barnett has declined to comment, our colleague notes. "But a variety of published sources, including the Hollywood Reporter, said that Barnett was on board in helping to sell a Palin book....

Look, I am sure she will be on Oprah, The View, Larry King, all the Faux News Shows, it is about selling books, but what does she have to say? For me, nothing. She was cemented in my mind as a Saturday Night Live, Tina Fey caricature that was dumber than a box of rocks. I did not do that, Palin did. Her daughter, Bristol got pregnant, had a baby, still has not graduated from high school along with the father of her child Levi Johnson. I am not on her about getting pregnant, but I do question Palin taking the VP position and putting her daughter in a very precarious position. No mother wants a teenager getting pregnant and not married, nor do we want to see that situation exploited by having to see Bristol and Levi sitting at the Republican National Convention and that message is just ok. Sorry, many families in this country was not feeling that message, I don't care how you try to package it.

Lastly, Palin is about Palin. Since she did not get to Washington, D.C. (Thank God), her only move is to continue to keep her name relevant, that name out there, and to cash in on it. And if she can cash in for 11M to write a book that she will SAY she wrote, but didn't, good for her. But she won't get my 15.95. WORD ON THAT ONE.


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