Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Ed Schultz snaps on Wall Street bonuses and lack of regulation (Video)

Ed Schultz goes after Rep. Barney Frank (D-MA) and these continued bonuses, from the back of the American taxpayer.

The Obama White House needs to turn the light bulb on about Wall Street and these bonuses, AGAIN, with our taxpayer dollars. See, I talk about the Joe and Joesetta, not the champaign clinking crowd of Wall Street and the DC cocktail hour. It is these people that are disconnected with what is going on out here.

Folks still losing their homes at record pace, check.

Savings, retirement funds, 401Ks have shrunk to record lows, check.

Banks and Wall Street still doing what the hell they want and shafting the public, really a check.

Unemployment rate at 10.2% and the real unemployment with underemployment is over 17%, yeah big ass check.

NO JOBS OUT HERE, some out of work for months, some over a year, a disastrous check.

Sure Bush put us in this position, but the likes of Timothy Geithner and Larry Summers is not helping us neither. I am sorry, when you worked with the same people you BAILED out, you end helping them. That is what has happened.

Lastly, the public is angry about this. You can rally the shit out of Wall Street for the Dow Jones, but in the end it just help the status quo, the ones with all the money anyway. And this thinking of it will create jobs, the trickle down effect? Look at those unemployment numbers and tell me, who is really being helped.

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