Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Cable Desks Clerks, “I don’t care about Michelle Obama’s poll numbers!!!”

Damn, I mean really, “Who cares!!”

Is Michelle in charge of anything other than her girls and husband?

Does she make policy and twists arms to the likes of Harry Reid or Nancy Pelosi?

Is she running around the country making speeches on White House policy and legislation?

Is she sittin’ up in the Oval Office tellin’ folks off???

I mean, “DAMN”, who really gives an EFF!!!

But today, all you heard about was Michelle Obama’s falling poll numbers, from the cable desk clerk group. Shit, when was the last time these teleprompter readers was out on the ground getting FACTS for a story, instead of lip reading a story? Huh?

Just let Michelle Obama, be. So far, cable desk clerks, she has performed a bang up job being our FLOTUS (First Lady of the United States).

So, my rant is leave Michelle Obama the hell alone. She is on her way to Asia, China and as usual “ALL EYES WILL BE ON HER”.

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