Sunday, August 30, 2009

When its hot in the kitchen for Dick Cheney, he unleashes Lizzy

The announcement of the pending CIA torture investigations by AG Eric Holder, SHOULD WORRY DICK CHENEY. Why? Because as Former President George W. Bush was leaving office, all his dirty shit was unraveling. In fact, Bush could not wait for the "klieg lights" to be dim on him for good, his words.

As we thought in our gut that Karl Rove had a heavy hand in the firings of U.S. Attorneys, and we were RIGHT. We will soon find out, who gave what orders, to do what, to these prisoners.

Just as we found out about the lies of the Bush Administration to take this country to Iraq for a War that was of choice, not necessity, it is important that we know everything and clean it up. Why? Because this country, the United States of America is bigger and better than what we, its citizens saw and let transpire. By the time George W. Bush was to leave office, there was barely a country he could go to. The disdain of the Bush Administration and its policy of the Iraq War were so negative, he would have been booed to high heaven. As he was the last time in Europe and as we witnessed an Iraqi journalist throwing shoes at President Bush, which is to signify total disdain and disrespect.

George W. Bush may have ended up signing off on a lot of things he did not totally know about or just cared not to, but in the end, he will be on the hot seat, too. But, Dick Cheney has already been implicated on knowing and dealing the thing called "torture". Now, out of office and writing a book, anytime you bring up the word "investigation" he puts his ass on television in a flash to denounce the Obama Administration and call it "partisan or political", when in fact Barack Obama does not want to go down this road, this call is purely from the Justice Department. See, when you follow the LAW and don't politicize every department, let each department act independently of the White House, as Justice is supposed to, you end up with an investigation.

So, today Dick Cheney released his bogus daughter, Lynn Cheney to This Week with George Stephanopoulos, but there was a seasoned journalist on the panel by the name of Sam Donaldson and he was having none of her bullshit nonsense of tap dancing around questions and straight up not answering them. View the whole exchange, here. And the shorter version is below:

And of course, in the end Dick Cheney is PROUD that he had the guts to torture.

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