Wednesday, July 29, 2009

MSNBC's Donny Deutsch tells viewers to BOYCOTT Glenn Beck's advertisers and gives information to do so (Video)

When you are losing the political fight, what do you do? You create controversy, as the small percentage of far, far right wingers are doing so, thus enters Glenn Beck. I was driving on my way to Detroit for a family gathering and listened to Ed Shultz today. One thing he said that hit the nail on the head is this, "...Glenn Beck never worked on a news beat, is not a journalist, he feeds on some white people in this country who are just racist...."

He is right.

For Glenn Beck to state that Barack Obama is a racist is some bat shit crazy talk. We all know Obama was raised by his WHITE family. Repeat, WHITE family. Obama has taken plenty of heat from some in the African American community that he is not BLACK enough, for whatever that shit means. And I am African American.

Creating controversy is all about not addressing the issues on the table, especially health care. Has anyone seen the Republican Party's health care plan? Wow, I hear crickets!! Well, there is no plan. We all know this. The Republican Party stands with the health care and insurance lobbyists to continue the status quo approach. So, we have a former alcoholic (not hating), who rants on things he knows nothing about and ends up calling the President of the United States a racist. Again, bottom feeding.

Why am I angry? Because there are racists in this country and many white racists who are probably looking around their existence and need a finger to point at for where they are in their life. Enters blame it on the Latinos or African Americans or Women, or anyone who is not a white bigot male. This is dangerous. Repeat. This is dangerous.

FOX NEWS is not a news organization. Donny Deutsch is right, BOYCOTT and BOYCOTT NOW. All information is here.

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