Monday, June 15, 2009

The racism from the GOP does not stop, TN GOP for them President Obama is a "spook" (Picture)


This is as disgusting as the South Carolina GOP activist comparing Michelle Obama to a gorilla.

Earlier today, a legislative staffer forwarded well-known West Tennessee blogger Newscomaa picture they had been sent from another staffer. It's supposed to be an "historical keepsake photo" of the Presidents. But no picture of President Obama--instead, just a "spook."

The Republican Party is continuing to fall down a very long and narrow rabbit hole, one that will be hard to get out. These types of images, statements are directly reflective of the people running around in the Republican Party.

If they think that many Americans share this disgusting view, think again, they do not. After what happened at the Holocaust Museum, one would believe we need to step back, but no, the GOP is just ramping it up for all to see and listen to.

This is racism, hatred, pure and simple. The full story of this disgust, here.

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