Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The GOP comeback is here!!!!

Per Michael Steele.

Republican Party Chairman Michael Steele insists the GOP has embarked on a new chapter and says it now must offer genuine solutions for the ailing country.

"The era of apologizing for Republican mistakes of the past is now officially over. It is done," Steele said in remarks prepared for delivery Tuesday to state party chairmen. "We have turned the page, we have turned the corner. No more looking in the rearview mirror. From this point forward, we will focus all of our energies on winning the future."

Yet, even as Steele urged the party to focus on the future, he reached back to a Republican former president, saying: "Ronald Reagan always insisted that our party must move aggressively to seize the moment. He insisted that our party recognize the truth of the times and establish our first principles in both word and deed."

OK. They are coming back, but why are these poll numbers so dismal? Why are they losing in every geographic area except for the church goers? Is that coming back? And look for some, across the board Ronald Reagan was a great president, but he is not here any longer and he was from another time or era. It is time for the GOP to leave the throwback alone and come to the 21st Century. You ask a 20 year old about Ronald Reagan and they are "Ronald who?" Psst, GOP, get current.

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