Saturday, April 18, 2009

Hugo Chavez sending Venezuelan ambassor to Washington, DC

We know what the deal is about Obama shaking Chavez hand.

OMG. If he shakes his hand that means the end of democracy here in the U.S.A.!!!!! It means more of the against us countries will rally more against us.

The right wing nuts need to take a vicodin. Barack Obama is not George W. Bush, who happened to destroy all our luster, stature and trust worldwide. Obama is doing what he said he would from the set, broker relationships with these countries to see if we can find a common ground.

We had the old style, fuck 'em up cowboy style in the White House and see where we are at? nuff said. Time to do something new or bring back a throwback theme, how about some good old diplomacy? As we see Secretary Clinton flying worldwide to broker relationships, open doors, we are watching President Obama start to go through the doors.

If this country wanted to continue the George W. Bush style, Obama would be sitting in the senate.

again, nuff said.
h/t to Today With President Barack Obama

As the media is writing that Obama "got punked" or spun by Hugo Chavez, Chavez takes a step in the right direction and says that he'll send a Venezuelan ambassador back to Washington.

It isn't Obama getting punked, it is the media responding to the irrational conservatives who are out of their gourds about Obama shaking Chavez's hand. It was obvious what Chavez was doing and who could blame him? Everyone wants to get next to Obama. It shines a positive light on them. That doesn't mean they're best buds but it's easy for a small mind to start with the socialist rants. If Obama shakes the hand of a socialist, that must mean he's a socialist, according to conservatives. We have to do a better job of educating are kids because we have too many people growing up with but a sliver of a mind.

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