Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Don't Fall for the Expectations: MEDIA HYPE

icebergslim, here.

on break in indiana, here.

to tell you all this: DON'T FALL FOR THE MEDIA HYPE

I don't know how many diaries must be written or trounced into heads here, but don't fall for it.

Here is why, below the fold:


Al G (that is what I call him), over at The Field has broken it down, brillantly.

Basically, it is a reminder that we have been through this drill already. That this is the 47th and 48th primary/caucus and by now we should know the DRILL.

I know many get excited, just reading the "Did I vote thread....", but the reality is this, a ground game.

This is a ground game, pure and simple. I don't expect Obama to win Indiana, so let's take that one out of our "yippeeee" column. I do expect him to win North Carolina, since it is a closed primary and Indiana is open. And yes, I expect mischief from the "Limbaugh Dummies", but not much in Indiana. Also, Obama did the one thing that Clinton did not do, due to lack of money, that is get his ballots cast early.

Now to what we should know.

We should know that Drudge ALWAYS leak Clinton expectations.

We should know that some nitwit from the Clinton Campaign goes on the cable shows and repeat expectations that were leaked.

We should know that the exit polls always show an Obama surge. And by now none of us should believe any exit polling.

We should know that Drudge then posts the Clinton "leaked exit polling".

We should expect the "why Obama can not close the deal". Yes, the cable pundits are nothing but desk clerks who read from a teleprompter and haven't been in the field, like forever. So, they are nothing but talking heads who in the end are full of nothing. We know this.

If Clinton wins Indiana, another plea for money for a not going nowhere campaign. And what did she raise last month? Haven't heard any bragging rights from that camp on money.

It will be torn apart, tomorrow by the desk clerks that Clinton has again cooled superdelegates heels, while the Obama Campaign continues to announce superdelegates in their CAMP tomorrow. Yes, desk clerks will look stupid.

In other words, we know better by now. We do.

Tomorrow there will be more superdelegates than remaining delegates for this primary. What does this mean? The backroom, smoking pits, deal joints have emerged and are working HARD. That is what is means.

North Carolina is the LAST big state left.

This is OVER, by every metric given. And if Obama blows out in North Carolina and stays close in Indiana, expect the supers to move rapidly, starting tomorrow.

So, Obama Supporters, stop drinking the same kool-aid every primary. We have won this already, now is just going through the steps. We know what the media will say, they have been carrying Clinton's water since, "see me in Texas and Ohio."

Unless Indiana is an upset, I don't expect it to be, but expect all the above. Stop getting caught up in the bullshit hype. You know what will happen.

And thanks to Al G at The Field, for keepin' it real.